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Private Kambo Ceremonies

Please allow 2-3 hours for each Kambo Ceremony.
Receiving three sessions of Kambo over the course of three days within a moon cycle (28 days) has become a popular tradition. Derived from the Caboclos people of the Amazon, many find this treatment process to be extremely effective at amplifying the benefits of  of  Kambo.

for one private ceremony
 for three private ceremonies

$175 per person for one couple ceremony
$400 per person for three couple ceremonies

Ceremonies are conducted in Kitsilano, Vancouver.
***Outcall Kambo Ceremonies also available for an additional charge depending on your location.
I also offer 70 minute
 Natal Astrology Chart Readings at a discounted price of $100 for all Kambo clients. Astrology consultations provide a deep dive into ones individual karma. It offers important information about the strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges and archetypal path one is here to walk for this specific lifetime. Astrology shows our journey of evolution and can shed light on patterns and karmic situations one is here to work out in this world. 
***You must know your exact birth time
For more information about Astrology and my background please see my other website (
If you would like to book a Kambo Ceremony as a safety precaution I require you to first fill out a health intake form. I will then get in touch via email and we can then schedule a 10-20 minute phone call to speak further. To get started please  click on the link below.

Alternatively you are welcome to email me directly with any questions you may have.



Trina Evoy

Kambo Vancouver

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